Body weight management and Health tips

Why weight loss is important?

Obtaining and maintain an ideal body weight and loss extra body weight is crucial for a healthy life style and overall health of the individuals. Maintain a healthy body weight is not only important for physical health but also for mental health, as the excess body weight increases the mental stress.

Healthy body weight is important in various ways, as it lowers the risk for many deadly diseases such as obesity, heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, osteoporosis, and many others.

Weight loss is also important for healthy brain as it not just lowers the risk for stork but particularly lowers the stress and depression due to societal pressure while excessive body weight is also a cause of certain cancer specifically breast cancer and colon cancer.

Maintain a healthy body weight helps you to have a perfect body without the risk of diseases as well as boost you up to enjoy the life fullest

Overweight and obesity

The term overweight refers to having excess body weight than the normal in terms of muscles, bone, belly fat, and water. While obesity is a condition of more than excess body weight which cause a number of health issues.

It is important to attain healthy body weight in terms of regular walk, exercise, and most importantly a perfect balanced diet. Your diet reflects your behavior as it can be observed that a person with perfect healthy diet has a contented attitude while an unhealthy and irregular diet patterns have a nasty impact on behavior.

Healthy tips to lose weight

There are some of the key tips to lose weight swiftly and maintain a healthy body weight:

1- Cut excessive carbs

Excessive carbohydrates are the leading cause of more than usual body weight because human body gets its energy mainly from carbohydrates. Excessive energy from carbs stored in the form of fat and more than usual carbohydrates trigger the beta cells to release more insulin to lower high glucose level in the blood.

 Releasing of insulin generate more fat cells in the body which in turn increase the body weight. So, Limit carbs in the diet hence, is crucial to lower body weight significantly.

A carbohydrate restricted diet induces the stored fat of the body to be utilized resulting in a lower body weight and healthy life.

2- Manage your calories

 An important step towards weight loss management is to maintain calories. It is foremost significant to eat foods which are low in calories but assure the satiety. Foods like broccoli are good option to fill your stomach but are low in calories.

On the other hand, foods like candies and biscuits are loaded with deleterious calories which when eaten stored in the form of  fat in the body and in turn increase your body weight along with the risk of deadly diseases.

3- Know your fat

While preparing meal plan, it is necessary to cut saturated fat from the diet instead add monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat in the diet. Excessive saturated fat increase the LDL cholesterol in the body which is regarded as bad cholesterol and imparts a number of diseases such as hyperlipidemia and heart issues.

Healthy fat such as omega-3 and omega-6 are crucial for healthy body and mind so, healthy fats should be a part of meal planning. These healthy fats can be obtained from foods like fish and nuts.

 4- Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories but full of with a number of health benefits as they provide important vitamins which play a crucial role in the healthy metabolism in the body. Vegetables are a very good option to replace energy dense foods as they fulfill the satiety with provision of fewer calories to the body and a number of health benefits.

Fruits are good choice as a snack for particularly diabetic patient with excessive body weight. So, it should keep in mind that fruits with low glycemic index are good option and can be eaten once in a day to calm hunger.

5- Drink more water

A healthy step towards the management of healthy weight is drinking more water than usual because drinking more water specially before meal restrict you to eat less as the stomach already half fill with the water and full soon after eating a little.

Apart from this, drinking more water allows the kidney to work efficiently and detoxifies the body from harmful substance. It also keeps the body away from many deleterious diseases most importantly gastrointestinal tract disorders.

6- Cut back empty sugars

Most crucial step in weight management is to avoid empty sugars which are loaded with just calories and imparts no health benefits to the body, instead these sugars increase the caloric content in the body which as a result increases the stored body fat and causes many health issues.

One of the main metabolic disorders caused by eating too much sugary foods is diabetes which is one of the deadliest chronic conditions. Foods that provide such empty sugars included soda beverages, candies, cakes and many more so, to maintain a healthy body weight, the need is to just cut out these sugary foods from your food list.

7- Regular walk and exercise

Last but not the least key step in attaining healthy body weight is to regular walk and exercise as exercise increases the metabolic rate resulting in the burning of stored body fat more speedily which lowers the excessive body weight.

Without regular exercise, it will be a slow process to get healthy body weight. Regular exercise or even walk boost up your metabolism and keeps you away from a number of disorders. Regular walk is particularly important for diabetic and hypertensive patients.

Health is an irreplaceable blessing which would become more valuable in any diseased condition. One should be more concerned with his/her health than anything else and eat healthiest foods to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and enjoys a disease free life.

One should include a variety of healthy food in the menu planning along with regular walk and exercise as it is a key step to gain healthy weight and have a good optimistic behavior towards life.